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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Filling illustration

When you have a cavity, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent bigger problems from developing. Tooth-colored fillings are the safest and most effective way to tend to tooth decay, but they are also effective in making other small repairs too. At New Orchard Dentistry in West Bloomfield Township, we will determine if tooth-colored fillings are the right dental restoration for your smile.

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Teeth are meant to be white, so when you have an oral health problem that calls for a filling, a composite, tooth-colored filling is the best kind of repair to get. You want a dental restoration that will fix your existing oral health problem and prevent others from developing in the future.

The benefits of tooth-colored fillings are many:

    • Natural-looking: Tooth-colored, composite fillings are shaded to blend into the color of your existing tooth enamel, making them an aesthetically appealing dental restoration that no one will ever notice.
    • Safe: Free of toxic mercury and other metals, white fillings are safer for your tooth and overall well-being.
    • Strong and durable: Composite filling material is tough and bonds directly to the tooth for maximum support. It seals the tooth securely, preventing bacteria from invading and minimizing the chances of decay. White fillings also protect the tooth from cracking by preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible.

Problems That Can Be Fixed by Tooth-Colored Fillings

Fillings are typically associated with cavities, but these dental restorations are very versatile and can be used to address multiple oral health complaints, leaving behind healthier, stronger, and more attractive teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings can be used to:

  • Repair a decayed tooth
  • Restore chipped or cracked teeth
  • Fix a broken tooth
  • Make minor cosmetic repairs
  • Whiten a tooth
  • Fill a tooth gap
  • Prevent decay
  • Stop deterioration
  • Replace old silver fillings
  • Sculpt a misshapen tooth

Modern, tooth-colored fillings are strong and long-lasting. They are both a functional and cosmetic solution to oral health problems. They correct dental issues as well as stabilize surrounding tooth structure and their presence can often eliminate the need for more invasive dental repairs while beautifying your smile at the same time.

Comparing Tooth-Colored Fillings to Silver Fillings

If you have silver fillings in your mouth, also known as amalgam fillings, you will want to consider replacing these restorations. There was a time when silver fillings were the norm, but composites are a better option, for many reasons.

  • Amalgam fillings can threaten the integrity of a tooth because the substance expands over time, which can potentially fracture the tooth, requiring additional restorations.
  • Silver fillings contain trace amounts of mercury, which is toxic. This can leech into the bloodstream, threatening your oral health and overall well-being.
  • The discoloration of the gums around a tooth treated with a silver filling is often blamed on the amalgam.

Tooth-colored fillings are ideal for treating molars as well as more visible teeth. They support and reinforce a tooth without compromising its structure, while correcting any areas that have been treated for decay or damage.

Get Tooth-Colored Fillings from Your West Bloomfield Township Dentist

At New Orchard Dentistry in West Bloomfield Township, Dr. Firas Nashef uses the latest dental innovations, technology, and materials to give his patients secure, long-lasting restorations. Tooth-colored fillings may be a common repair, but each one needs to be done well and done thoroughly to ensure the maximum benefit and give you a strong smile.

Contact New Orchard Dentistry to schedule an appointment if you suspect you have a cavity or need another type of dental repair.