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West Bloomfield Dentist

When you’re searching online for a “West Bloomfield dentist near me,” consider the friendly, gentle team at New Orchard Dentistry in West Bloomfield Township. Our comprehensive family dental practice offers general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry procedures to our patients. We are a West Bloomfield dentist that treats patients at all ages and stages. Our priority is keeping you in good oral health for a lifetime.

West Bloomfield Dentist Delivers General Dental Care

General dentistry is all about treatments and services that keep your mouth healthy and strong. Above all, we want you to have:

  • Clean teeth: Patients are encouraged to have a dental exam and teeth cleaning twice a year, which includes an oral cancer screening and sometimes digital x-rays and fluoride treatments.
  • Strong gums: We look for any signs of gum disease at any stage so you can maintain healthy gums and a healthy foundation for your teeth.
  • A healthy jaw: When you suffer from clenching, grinding, or TMJ problems, it’s important to get a customized mouth guard, orthodontics, or neuromuscular treatment to prevent destructive side effects like broken teeth, chipped enamel, and damaged dentistry.
  • Protected teeth: It is recommended that the biting surfaces of kids’ newly erupted adult teeth be protected with sealants to ward off decay.
  • No damage: Leaving a problem tooth in place will only lead to bigger problems and more complicated oral health solutions. Tooth extractions are done to remove damaged or infected teeth as well as wisdom teeth.

West Bloomfield Dentist Offers Cosmetic Dentistry

You have the right to a beautiful smile, and cosmetic dentistry treatments can give you that VIP, celeb-worthy smile you’ve always wanted. Smile makeover treatments deliver:

  • White teeth: One-hour ZOOM! in-office teeth whitening gives you a coveted bright white smile in no time with consistent, beautiful results. Take-home trays administered in the privacy of your own home are also available.
  • Straight teeth: When you want a straight smile but don’t need everyone to know about your efforts to get there, Invisalign is the route for you. These nearly invisible aligners take about a year to complete, on average, and they are subtle and discreet.
  • Flawless teeth: If you’re looking for the cosmetic dentistry procedure that gives you a perfect smile, porcelain veneers are it. They are customized to conceal every imperfection flawlessly, from chips to stains to cracks and more.

West Bloomfield Dentist Does Tooth Restorations

If you feel like your teeth are falling apart, if you are experiencing tooth or mouth pain, if you are worried about the condition of your teeth and gum, restorative dentistry is likely in your future. Searching for a West Bloomfield dentist near me is the right move so you can:

  • Replace missing teeth: Customized dental implants are permanently implanted in the jawbone, taking the place of a missing tooth root under the gum line and fixed with a natural-looking crown above the gum line. Alternatively, an entire arch of teeth can be replaced at one time with modern dentures, or a hole in your smile can be filled with a dental bridge.
  • Get a root canal: When you have an infected tooth, you need a serious intervention to prevent tooth loss. Root canal therapy, also known as endodontics, is often the answer.
  • Protect a damaged tooth: If a tooth is damaged or deteriorating, it can be built back up again with a strong porcelain crown. Don’t need quite the size of a crown? An inlay or onlay can get the job done or even a tooth-colored filling.

West Bloomfield Dentist Near Me

Visit your West Bloomfield dentist in West Bloomfield Township to get all the comprehensive dental care you could ever need. Appointments are available six days a week for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule your next visit.